Born - 17 November 1991.

Hometown - Beaconsfield, Victoria.

Board - MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren Pro model.

Stance - Regular.

Fav ride style - Street, 4 down.

Dream ride location - Brazil.

Fav music - Rock N’ Roll, Hip Hop, Black Sabbath.

Fav film - Pulpfiction, #HASHTAG.

Fav food - Italian.

Fav bev - Coffee, Beers.

Sponsors - MBS, BGC, Rumbles Paleo.

Youtube channel - www.youtube.com/radfacebgc

Instagram page - @radicalface

Facebook page - www.facebook.com/dylanwarrenmountainboarding

How did you get into the sport? I've been skateboarding for the past 12 years. My friend brought a mountainboard to the skatepark one day. After a couple of laps of the local golf course I was hooked and the rest is history.

Who are your 3 favourite mountainboarders? Andy Milenkovic, Tom Kirkman and Yuya Nakayama. 

Fav thing about mountainboarding? Skateboarding on dirt.

What do you do outside of Mountainboarding? Skateboarding, snowboarding, build ramps, make videos, hang out with my goats.




Born - 22 May, 1993.

Hometown – Berwick, Victoria.

Board - MBS Pro 95.

Stance - Goofy (swag).

Fav ride style -  Street.

Dream ride loc -  England + Germany.

Fav music - Everything but Aussie Hip Hop.

Fav film - Life – bloody do yaself a favour and watch it!

Fav food – Macas.

Fav bev – Beers.

Sponsors - MBS – AUS.

Instagram page – @jasonsalopek

Facebook page - Jason Salopek

How did you get into the sport? Dylan Warren forced me to do tricks at the Beacy Bash!

Who are your 3 favourite Mountainboarders? Dylan Warren, Daniel Foreman, Mick Kirkman.

Fav thing about mountainboarding? Riding with mates and being better than Dylan Radface.

What do you do outside of Mountainboarding? Study at Swinburne Uni and Play football for St Kevins. 



Born - 21 August 1989.

Hometown - Berwick, Victoria.

Board - Tom Kirkman Pro.

Stance - Regular.

Fav ride style - Street.

Dream ride location - America.

Fav music - Hardcore/metal.

Fav film - Star Wars.

Fav food - Burritos/ Mexican.

Fav Bev - Beer.

Sponsors - MBS.

Instagram - @d_packer

Facebook - Daniel Packer

How did you get into the sport? Dylan Radface Warren introduced me to it.

Who are your 3 fav mountainboarders? Dylan Warren, Andy Milenkovic and Rhys Crilly.

Fav thing about mountainboarding? The ability to be able to ride anywhere and the fact that it is an up and coming sport.

What do you outside mountainboarding? Music, cars, art, party.  



Born 5 April 1990.

Hometown - Berwick, Victoria.

Board - MBS Pro 95.

Stance - Regular.

Fav ride style - anything from hills to jumps to rails. 

Dream ride loc - would love to go visit the parks in England or the rock hills of Colorado. 

Fav music - Hardcore.

Fav film - Anchor Man.

Fav food - Anything spicy.

Fav bev - Jack Daniels. 

Sponsors - MBS Australia. 

Instagram page - @Wilderkins

Facebook page - Mathew Wilkins

How did you get into the sport? Through Dylan Warren.

Who are your 3 favourite Mountainboarders? Dylan Warren, Tom Kirkman and Yuichi O-ji Yamashita.

Fav thing about mountainboarding? You can literally ride anywhere anytime.

What do you do outside of Mountainboarding? Work and family life .



Hometown - Pakenham, Victoria. 

Board - MBS Pro 95, soon to be MBS Dylan Warren Pro 97.

Stance - I go both ways.

Fav ride style - Dirt jumps.

Fav music - Sabbath.

Fav film - Dylan Warren Summer clip.

Fav food - Pizza.  Feel free to shout me a margarita.

Fav bev - Glass bottle Coke. 

Youtube channel - MrTAPhotography 

Instagram page - T_RAVEN_4000 

Facebook page - Travis Adams Travis Adams Photography.

What it means to be the Team Photographer? I love that I am able to help push the sport of mountainboarding and through my creativity show off the riders and mountainboarding to the world. 

What is your camera set up? Nikon D3s 2 secondary DSLRs. 4 speed lights and triggers.  Heaps of lenses. Filming rig and fisheye set up. 

What it takes to get the best shot?  Understanding the trick and coming up with the best way to display this trick and make the rider look their best. But most importantly you need to think of photography as painting with light. Even the simplest tricks  can be amazing images with the right lighting.

Fav thing about mountainboarding? The freedom to ride all terrain, exploring and searching for new places to ride. 

What do you do outside of Mountainboarding? I love spending time with my wife and son. Skateboarding and photography. 



Born - 13 December 1985. 

Hometown - Ballarat, Victoria.

Board - Pro 95.

Stance - Gangsta or ugly goofy. 

Fav ride style - Down hill/ boarder cross. 

Dream ride location - Emerald mountainboard park! 

Fav music - Boy sets fire, 1208 all the good old stuff.

Fav film - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. 

Fav food - Turkish delights, steak cheese & bacon pie and custard tarts. 

Fav Bev - Canadian club Captain Morgans. 

How did you get into the sport? Made my first board and then meet up with Ryan "mad dog" Slater and the boys.

Fav thing about mountainboarding? It's my way of escaping from my responsibilities and giving Dylan "Radface" Warren a headache.

What do you do outside of mountainboarding? DANSCAPES!!!! 

What it means to be the Team Manager? It means IM THE BOSS BOYS!!! It basically means I'm cactus and my best days are behind me. 

What you do to get the boys pumped up? Pseudoephedrine! No I like to keep the boys in good spirits and try and give them the infrastructure they need to keep pushing themselves. 

Where you'd like to see mountainboarding go? We have a lot of open land here in Australia and our weather conditions allow us to ride almost all year I'd like to mountainboards as household as skateboards I realize that's crazy but that's what I want. 

Who are your 3 favourite Mountainboarders?  Kody Steward, Dylan 'Radface' Warren and Tom Kirkman. 

Facebook page? Daniel Foreman

Perfect death? 3m high vertical berm 80ms long at 120 clicks!